About us

The value of the company is given by the organization's power and ability to use "ingredients" of success by providing quality and trust to customers and to final suppliers in the agricultural and food sector, especially in the apiculture.

The investment and technology innovation, strong team commitment, attention to detail, business relationships based on trust, have favored the expansion of the business, so, currently, the company owns equipped and designed spaces for the processing of each product.

In order to achieve the performance goals and quality standards, Regina Agroprodexim is constantly contributing to strengthening the existing partnerships in Romania, Italy and Germany, opening up to new customers and suppliers in the agricultural and food sector.

The experience in the field, the efficiency and dedication of the team, qualify the company for the “Trustworthy Company” Certificate awarded by the Customer Opinion Research Center CBOK SRL, Bucharest.

Quality of service

Tradition, experience, professionalism.

The history of the company, SC Regina Agroprodexim SRL, begins in 1996, when it became an important food processor, the main activity being honey and bee products. The seriousness and the performance achieved by the company have determined the extension of the production capacity, through 3 cold stores for storage of the finished product.

Today, our company collects, processes, preserves and markets a wider variety of food products, products obtained in unpolluted areas, directly from nature: forest mushrooms, berries, walnut kernel, hazelnuts.


  • Generous storage spaces of raw materials.
  • Refrigerated storage areas to keep products in optimal conditions.
  • Specific machinery and equipment for collection / handling / stocking / storage.
  • Car fleet for transport in impeccable conditions.
  • Automated collecting and processing lines.