Honey is the best natural moisturizer. It's a product with anti-irritant action, being an excellent remedy for the human body. It contains over 400 organic substances, including: sugars (fructose, glucose, maltose, sucrose), a series of vitamins (vitamin B complex, C, A, D and K), minerals (potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus), waxes, enzymes (stimulates the processes of vitamin synthesis in the body, helps metabolize fats and proteins or favors the neutralization of toxins), components which give meaningful value being also called the food of life.

The types of honey that we sell are:

Fir honey, Linden honey, Raspberry honey s, Acacia honey, Polyfloral honey, Mint Honey, Rapeseed Honey, Sunflower honey.


Honey purchase conditions:

I. Quality of honey
  • Natural honey has to meet the quality and food safety requirements, according to STAS 748 / 2-89 and to 2001/110 / CE Directive of European Council from the 20th of December 2001 related to honey.
  • The quality of the honey is verified in an accredited laboratory
II. The required documents
  • Fiscal invoice for legal entity.
  • Trading permit, for individuals
  • DSVSA Registration Document concerning the Marketing Authorization.
  • Bank account statement..
III. Payment Terms

The payment is made after the honey quality control in an accredited laboratory (falsification and antibiotic residues).

IV. Transport conditions

1. The beekeeper, with his own means of transport carries the honey to the unit, and if he does not have any means of transport, the Regina company ensure the transport at a fair price.

V. Conditions for keeping the honey
  • Immediately after collecting and until the delivery, the beekeeper shall keep the honey in containers (dishes) made from materials which do not affect the quality of honey.
  • Containers shall be hermetically sealed, kept in a room without foreign odors, in which the maximum temperature is 20 ° C.