Regina Agroprodexim company manages to acquire, process and deliver products of perfect quality because it has a processing and storage capacity according to the national and European norms, of machinery and equipment corresponding to the technological flow specific to product:

Honey Processing

  • After the quantitative and qualitative reception, honey is subjected to the process of liquefaction in special rooms with permanent thermal control which allows fluidization of the product in optimal conditions without being depreciated qualitatively.
  • Removing impurities and foreign bodies by vacuum filter, getting a clean honey.
  • The two homogenizers of different capacities provide the product with an adequate homogeneity from both organoleptic and physicochemical point of view.
  • At the customer's request, a pasteurization that gives the honey a well-defined commercial appearance can be made by prolonging the crystallization time.
  • Honey as a finished product is packaged in barrels or tanks.

Processing of mushrooms and berries

  • Received mushrooms or berries are stored in the refrigerator (refrigeration, 2-4°C).
  • After cleaning and sorting, the products are subjected to the freezing or drying process, as appropriate; Frozen products are initially subjected to a temperature of -35°C -40°C, for 2-3 hours in the surge chamber providing the product with superior quality. This method does not allow to damage the fruit membrane by forming large ice crystals in the product, so in the moment of defrosting the products do not lose their own juice and commercial appearance. Mushrooms are frozen in their full size shape, sliced or cubes.
  • Mushrooms and berries may be subjected to the dehydration process using the drying room.

Shelled nuts processing

  • Shelled nuts after calibration are peeled with a semi-automatic line.
  • Resulted walnut kernel after peeling is sorted into three categories (halves, quarters, eighths), process in which the removing of foreign bodies and of non- conforming walnut kernel is realized as well.
  • The sorted walnut kernel is packed and sealed into 1 or 5kg bags, then into 10kg carton boxes, palletized.

The company owns different tonnage means which ensure the transport of goods from suppliers to the social headquarter or to the purchasing centers, in a good time and at a fair price.

The two collecting centers in the locality of Calafat, Dolj County and from Pesterea locality, Constanta County, are an important investment for the company, centers which successfully ensure the beekeepers' needs to improve the delivery time for honey from the pastoral area.

Our priority is the excellence and care for details, the implementation of appropriate policies to the needs of our suppliers and customers.