Warranty of the honey’s quality
Our quality system contains:
Residual control;
internal and external audit;
control of products by receiving and disposal
continue control of the production;
chemical and bacterial control;
the chemical and bacterial analysis are conducted by the Zooprofilactic Institute from Italy and the analysis Laboratories SC ROM SPECTRA IMPEX SRL Bucharest

Our suppliers are beekeepers, holding modern technology for producing, extracting and storaging honey underlaying to the physical and chemical features and the quality standards honey .

Our clients are the most important industries, and trading companies.
The raw material is processed in such a standard quality that our clients would benefit of the most qualitative goods for their production flow. The honey is liquefied, purified, homogenized and standardized according to the clients requirements.

The achievements of the company are:
continue control of each shipment and supplier regarding the veterinary medical control;
recording each supplier; documenting and recording each technologycal workflow from purchase to delivery;

Main objectives of the company are:
continue improvement of the quality system;

Warranty the quality of the walnuts, mushrooms and wild fruits
Continous control of the process: all the workflows are visually controlled and monitorized; all batches resulted from the production are identified and controlled according to the HACCP Standards.

Produce traceability: each supplier is selected and controlled, gaining an identification code. Due to HACCP and GMP systems the produce traceability is certified and thus the physical, chemical and microbiologial features are controlled.

The freezing process is conducted by quick freezing: individual quic freezing IQF

Certificat ISO 22000  Certificat ISO 9001 Certificat conformitate ecologic