About Us

SC Regina Agroprodexim SRL
History of the Company, SC Regina Agroprodexim SRL, starts in year 1996, when it becomes an important food processor , whereas its main activity was the bees honey and farming products.

The company’s reliability and performance reached determined the extension of production capacity by 3 refrigeration rooms, for storage the main product.

Today, our company collects, processes, preserves and trades a larger variety of food products, all products obtained from unpolluted areas, straight from nature: forest mushrooms, wild fruits, walnuts, peanuts.

The care for health and environment, responsibility to our clients and partners had placed our company in the top Business Romania and Top Profit Romania, county of Sibiu, on rank I, II and III in the years 2009-2012.

In order to achieve our performance objectives and the quality standards, Regina Agroprodexim has extended its partners network to prestigious areas from Italy, Germany and Hungary.

We invite you to discover our products, worthy food sources for the human health, carefully selected from the unpolluted areas of Transylvania.